I'm Prateek Chandra.Father, Husband, Entrepreneur.

And I'm here to help you embrace true digital transformation and step into the future of doing business. And what's the future? An improved and powerful brand, one that'll be designed for a relatable and easy user experience.

Connect with me:

My Journey.

  • Cofounded a design & engineering agency in 2006 in India and bootstrapped it to over $5M in annual revenue in 5 years. 
  • Helped numerous SaaS startups and enterprises like Cisco & Microsoft with digital experience transformation for B2C, B2B and Thought Leadership initiatives.
  • Built the first digital menu for restaurants in India and ran the pilot program with ITC group of Hotels for over 2200 restaurants and hotels in India. 
  • Helped over 1,000 businesses improve their digital presence across industries and geographies.
  • Currently creating an Industry first WaaS (Website as a service) for SMBs.

Who I am.

Serial entrepreneur by choice and growth hacker by meticulous design, after a 7-year entreprenurship stint in India, I moved stateside in 2013, seeking greater challenges to overcome and more businesses to propel.

Over the years, that quest pushed me from simply leading design and engineering teams in brand building efforts to planning & stitching solutions for full-scale digital transformation.

The journey, as expected, has been super enriching, building brands and strong partnerships with happy clients along the way. Over a decade since, I'm finally ready to share what I've learned and succesfully practiced with those who truly want to benefit from them.


Selling is no easy task, whether it's a brand, product or service. More so when the development roadmap will face unexpected pain points that can derail your project plans. My innovative solutions-oriented approach, riding on human-centered design will help you overcome these pain points and position your business for imminent success.


Ready to harness the full, but elusive potential of your business? Allow an empathetic, in-depth understanding of your business needs for innovative ideation and strategic planning to create solutions that are built to deliver. I help CIOs and product managers leverage my scalable solutions to equip their team with the much needed operational knowledge for sustainable success.


When I'm not design thinking, planning strategies or offering consulting to clients, I can be found pouring over latest trends in automobiles and hi-fi gear. The silky revving of a car engine can only be matched by hi-definition sound. Traditional & modern - a bit of both, I split my musical taste between cross-genre Indian and electronica.